Soundtrack Telling

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7pm Mon/12pm Thur/7am Sat

Let the Music Spark Imagination

   Here is a unique FM radio show with yet more unique music than the average radio station plays.

   I play for you soundtrack music from movies, tv shows, and video games. But I do more than that. As you listen, I am always encouraging you to use your minds eye, listen to the music, and enter a world... a universe, that only you can visit through your imagination.

   At the same time, I always try to make a point of how important soundtrack music is. It can literally make or break a story. For example, what if there was rapidly playing banjo music during those famous Jaws scenes instead of the well known "duh duh.......duh duh....duh duh..duh duh duh"? Or what about the hero saving those in need with soft music from Enya instead of the courageous and heroic sounds of an orchestra?

Yes, soundtrack music IS important.

   It is my favorite genre of music and I am quite excited to share that with you. But it doesn't stop there! I also read short stories on the air that are written by listeners! I add music and occasionally sound effects to really add to the story. If you are so inclined to write a short story, you can send it to me at

   Be sure to check the program schedule for more times that this show airs!