Jim Kirk

Secretary -
"Captain" Jim Kirk

   Jim Kirk

Fifty years ago a break through, science fiction television series, rushed into everyone’s television set. Back then, it was a big deal to many citizens of our great United States. So big in fact, that they made movies for years afterwards.

     So, when it came time to bless me with a name, my parents had some deep soul searching. My father, being a Chaplain in the Navy, sacrificed much of his time from his family to serve this wonderful nation so that all families could be safe. With his multiple deployments, communication between he and my mother required the long process of writing letters to one another.
As the story goes (according to my mother), the two of them discussed in length of what the name of their youngest son would be… by mail. In the mean time a well known science fiction realm was gearing up for yet another movie release. My parents discussed giving me the name of James, as in James from the bible. My brothers name is John, so it was fitting to have the both of us named after the disciples.

 Through the long process of snail mail, there was a time my middle name would have been Timothy. But one day, my mother received a letter from my father which stated something similar to, “I agree, Richard is a great middle name.” This came as a surprise to my mother as she does not recall discussing this name… ever.

     When the anticipated film was released, Star Trek III: The Search for Spock, my mother realized then whose name mine was similar to. She has mentioned to me “that in thirty years no one would remember who Captain Kirk was” and the whole Star Trek phenomena. Well, thirty some years later, not only do we have new Star Trek movies out, but several series have come out since the date of my birth. Not to mention the amount of times I was referred to as Kirk and/or Captain, or James T. (though my middle initial is R) throughout my life. 

As a side note, people still ask me if my middle initial is ‘T.’


Mom, I think people still remember after thirty years.

     It is for this reason that I commonly refer to myself as Captain Kirk, especially on Soundtrack Telling. However, if you meet me in person, please, just call me Jim.
     A couple of years ago, there was an announcement to help take part in a small radio station that was just starting. Without hesitation I was on board and eager to get working. As time went on, I was asked to be a member of the board for The Cross and have now been serving the radio in this manner for over a year.
     I have produced recorded shows, live shows, uploaded and downloaded audio material, a small portion of advertisements on behalf of the radio and for underwriting, audio board for church services, and several more areas that require attention .Though I help in several areas of the radio, my primary duty is to keep the radio up and running, as well as providing the proper audio files for certain times of the day.  And I haven’t done it alone. Thanks to everyone… and you know who you are!
     When am I not working on the radio? I am a full-time husband and a father of two little princesses. I am also a full-time landscaper for Friesen Landscaping. I have worked on numerous areas in this career from mowing lawns, building waterfalls, fire pits, retaining walls, stone patios and decks.
Volunteering for KNNA has been one of the greatest hobbies I have ever participated in. Doing my show and engineering for Ol’ Lovable Jack’s show, When Music Was Music, and Off On A Tangent, has been a fun and wonderful time and I look forward to many years to come.